Surroundings of the pension

Krkonoše ski area St. Peter is part of the resort Spindleruv Mlyn and lies at an altitude of approximately 730 to 1300 meters. St. Peter is without doubt one of the finest and best equipped ski resorts in the Czech Republic. It plays host to many major sporting event. The operator is a joint stock company Spindleruv Mlyn Ski Resort, which manages, among others ski resorts in Medvedin - Upper Mísečky and Elbe. It is possible to purchase permanenkty common to all centers.

Slopes in St. Peter

St. Peter, along with the nearby Hromovka offers 11 pistes with a total length of 12 kilometers. In the very Spindleruv Mlyn is interconnected slopes on Plane (740 - 1170 m) and Hromovka (700 - 970 m). Directly above the center of town is the slope Krakonoš in St. Peter, and then on top of the track (810 - 1230 m) and at the foot of Iron Mountain (ski lifts and Slovan Highlander). Plain lead around the top 24 km of groomed trails. Night skiing on floodlit slopes quality is guaranteed.

Slopes and lifts St. Peter
Name Difficulty Length
Hromovka 1 Red 1540 m
Hromovka 2 Red 1500 m
Tourist Blue 2700 m
St. Peter, red-FIS Blue 1950 m
St. Peter-the FIS World Cup Black 1375 m
St. Peter-pitch blush 690 m
St. Peter-small hank Red 270 m
St. Peter-stack Red 750 m
St. Peter-mountaineer Blue 500 m
St. Peter-Slav Blue 250 m
Krakonos Red 750 m
Slopes and lifts - Misecky - Medvedin
Name Difficulty Length
Harmony Blue 300 m
Davidovky Red 1500 m
Medvedin-Black Black 1000 m
Medvedin-Red Red 2300 m
Misecky-Training Red 1100 m
Upper Mountains-Tourist Blue 1300 m
Misecky-Way Plumbing Blue 2100 m
Driving range Blue 300 m
Elbe Red 1770 m

Services Snowpark

Snowboarding fans will find a snowpark with a U-ramp, beginners are available to ski and snowboard school, then you can use the sled runs and related services including service and rentals., Of course there is also night skiing on illuminated slope quality.


Spindleruv Mlyn also provides adequate facilities for leisure activities such as swimming pools, restaurants, bowling, discos, cinema and other attractions. If you are not among the best skiers, take care of you in some of the ski schools. There is also a device for monitoring your branch.

Transport at St. Peter's

The transport to the largest Czech center can use the bus service from Prague via Vrchlabi. All slopes are connected by free joints other regulars. The bus will take you to the skies and on the border Spindlerovka chat. The nearest railway station is in Vrchlabí (15 km). There is a large parking lot available right on the edge of town, but is used primarily for long stays. In addition, the center will find the 3 car parks, which are for unpaid traffic lifts.

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